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You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers

Why should I listen to you?

The truth is I have used real estate to start my wealth building plan but I've explored and paid 10's of thousands of dollars to learn from the best and it's paid off.  I've also used this knowledge to help people in my inner circle.  The question is... do you want to be in this inner circle?

Are you a financial planner?

No, absolutely not.  I don't have any license to sell any financial instruments and that means I don't have an agenda.  I am a Certified Coach and everything I recommend is solely to help you build the best financial foundation in order to build future wealth.  This can be wildly different from person to person and depends on your specific situation.  

How fast will I builld wealth?

If you're looking for get rich quick techniques, you've come to the wrong place.  I do flip homes but I don't teach it because flipping is a job and I want to get you to more passive income to provide financial freedom. Wealth is more than money.  Build a wealthy life full of joy, health, friends, purpose and of course financial freedom.

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